Product update: Putting Tasks at the Center

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Customer Success, like any business function, is all about action - executing tasks that drive outcomes. That’s why, inspired by intuitive products like Monday and Notion, we’ve enhanced our own data-powered task manager, including an all-new Calendar View, Quick Shortcuts and Task Status.

In Planhat, Tasks are used by more users, across a greater range of functions, than any other feature. That’s why we’re committed to taking the Tasks experience to the next level of usability and intuitiveness, while staying true to our core product values - flexibility and power.

The result is a new calendar view of tasks, combining improved organisation and planning with nifty shortcuts to help you glide through Planhat. 

Calendar view of tasks

Planning requires more perspective-shifting than you might realise.

You start with your weekly overview of all tasks, then group all Account Planning activities together, then filter-out everything that isn’t blocked or in-progress, then shift to a monthly overview but only for your top 10 accounts by revenue, or all accounts up for renewal, or where there’s a new decision maker.

This kind of flexibility, in an intuitive calendar view, is what we’ve built for.

Built to minimise clicks

We believe you should spend as much time as possible on action, not admin.

That’s why interacting with Tasks is more seamless than ever, with quick:

  • task creation & completion

  • links to notes & playbooks

  • filtering & sorting

The result? Now you can glide through your tasks, notes & workflows from 1 unified view, without losing sight of the bigger picture. Learn more about the new shortcuts in Calendar view.

The Status field as a critical enabler

Tasks are forever in flux - something is planned, then delayed, then blocked, then paused, then brought back in and - eventually - completed.

Without the ability to quickly control task statuses, workflows become one-dimensional and your team loses the ability to prioritise. That’s why the Status field, while not particularly innovative in itself, promises to increase the depth and value of running tasks in Planhat.

Status comes with 2 out-of-the-box values (In-progress & Blocked) and is fully customisable per tenant, so you can run workflows exactly as you need to. 

The Long View

Together, these enhancements allow you and your team to manage Planhat workflows faster, with fewer clicks and greater alignment.

But they’re just the first step towards Workflow 2.0. Still to come:

  • Calendar view across the app

  • An all-new Project Management and Sequencing interface

  • Fully custom Task kan-ban view

  • Automated time-tracking for tasks and projects

  • More advanced workflow conditionality

  • New applets, including Dynamic Task Assignment

We hope each enhancement empowers you to spend more time on what matters, with speedier, smoother collaboration and better visibility. 

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