Peter & Kurt Akman on Raxar's Growth and Customer Success


A firefighter is en route, and before they get to the site they are able to pull up the floorplan of the building they are about to enter on their mobile device. They can see where potential hazards are located, communicate those hazards to their team, map the best ways of extracting any victims, and how to exit the building as safely as possible. All before even arriving at the location, saving them the precious time that they need to save lives.

Sounds incredible, right? Well, this is just one of the many solutions that Raxar’s software provides. Raxar works with enterprise and government agencies to reduce costs, track their critical assets, and optimize complex workflows--all in one platform. Less paperwork and more time focusing on what matters--that is what Raxar is all about.

And it’s clear that value is seen in their software because they have been selected for, and are currently participating in, the 500 Startups Accelerator Program in San Francisco.

I spoke to the CEO and co-founder, Peter Akman, and his brother Kurt Akman, Head of Growth, about what the journey has been like for them, getting their business off the ground. And, also, about how they are trying to focus, early on, on customer success.

Listen to the interview here:

Some Highlights from the Interview...

Working with enterprise companies and government agencies can be complicated and challenging, especially for start-ups. Peter offered some insight on what that process has been like for Raxar, and what he has found to be most important when approaching these types of customers.

“It’s really important to be able to demonstrate that your software can meet the needs of your customers…and that you have customers that really rave about you, your organization, and your solutions.”

They do a lot to ensure their customers are advocates early on...

“We believe that our relationship with our customers, and ensuring that the customer is successful, irrelevant of the technology, is the most important thing. Because we know that our technology is going to evolve and new technologies are going to come out, so we very much focus on the customer success, meeting the customer's’ needs, and providing really strong ROI calculations for our customers.”

Building a startup that works primarily in the enterprise and government industry is a unique and complex journey, and we are so excited to see Raxar’s success in the future! And it is cool that they work so hard to make sure that customer success is a large part of their company culture and growth :).

“We really believe that customer success is the key to a successful business.”

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