Scaling CS for Commercial Returns


The need to build a scalable Customer Success organization makes perfect sense to us. But how do you position it to someone in your leadership team who may not get CS, let alone scale CS for revenue growth?

We are beyond excited to present our webinar on “Scaling CS for Commercial Returns” with Christian Jakenfelds, Field Researcher in CS at Planhat, Jeff Heckler, Director of CS at MarketSource, Anika Zubair, VP of CS at inSided, Andreas Knoefel, Founder and CEO at CSTuners, and Dickey Singh, CEO and Co-Founder at Cast.App.

Watch the session to learn:

  1. What SaaS can learn from other industries (and vice versa) on scaling CS

  2. How technology allows you to reach customers in new ways

  3. How to focus on scaling CS to create expansion conversations

  4. What you need to say to your leadership to get them to understand scaled CS

  5. And much more..


Christian Jakenfelds has had multiple different customer facing roles. He joined Tessian as one of their first CSMs and this is where he saw how CS is the engine for growth in SaaS businesses. He now works with Planhat in the UK market and has been named in the top 25 CS Influencers in 2021.


Jeff Heckler is a Senior CS Leader with over 20 years of leading CS, Professional Services, and customer-facing revenue teams. Jeff has been a leader in five (5) global leading enterprise companies, four (4) bootstrapped start-ups, three (3) exits, two (2) IPOs, and one (1) unicorn. He now leads CS Solutions for MarketSource and has been named in the top 25 CS Influencers in 2021.

Anika Zubair, an industry thought leader, CSM LDN community co-founder, and podcast host, has recently joined inSided as the VP of CS to build a world-class customer success organisation. Drawing from previous experiences at multiple SaaS B2B startups and scale-ups, Anika is no stranger to scaling CS efforts and has built teams from the ground up.

Andreas Knoefel, Founder and CEO at CSTuners, and builder of best-of-class CS organizations, boosting subscription renewals, customer loyalty, and profitability in competitive markets by over 30%. Recognized as a Top 50 CS influencer who achieves best-in-class NRR of 150.

Dickey Singh is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cast.App, focused on scaling CS and post-sales. Cast automated Virtual CSMs drive the same value as human CSMs, but for accounts without 1:1 dedicated CSMs. They drive success, health, adoption, retention, and impactful outcomes for your customers and expansion revenue for you.

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