[Survey] How do you use technology in your CS team?


A common question customer success professionals ask us is “do I have the right tech-stack and am I leveraging it in the best way?”

To answer that question, we've teamed up with our friends at inSided to provide a report with industry-benchmarks and actionable recommendations. A key input source for the report is real data from industry professionals.

Please help us create the industry benchmark by sharing your views in the survey (5 minutes) and be among the first to get the Technology Maturity in Customer Success Teams report and an invite to our webinar where CS leaders will share clear recommendations on how to improve.

Metrics and Objects Galore!

We are excited to launch new metrics, including two data objects, Assets and Projects!

Introducing Next Generation Automation in Planhat

Next generation automation for Customer Teams to move, access and update data in Planhat

Customer Feedback, turning feedback into insights

Our host Anika Zubair chats with Kellie Lucas, author and CS coach, about how to turn customer feedback into insights.

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