Tania Kefs on Building a Customer Success Team

Tania Kefs, the Head of Customer Success at Aircall and the company’s very first employee, spoke with Planhat about what it was like building a customer success initiative from scratch.

Kefs initially joined Aircall because she wanted the startup experience and liked the idea of a role that would challenge her to continue trying and learning new things. She began helping out in every aspect of the company, as one does when they are a part of a startup, and eventually found herself agreeing to lead Customer Success. (No one else knew how to do it, and she was willing to figure it out)

In our interview, Kefs talks about how she gains energy from France’s exciting startup community, why Aircall saw the need for a customer success team so soon (they are only 3 years old!), and how her team influences the overall growth of the company. She also discusses some of the challenges she faced early on and offers some examples of mistakes she made early on that other customer success professionals can hopefully avoid.

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