What if the workplace of the future is… here?


What if the future is already here? If all this post-pandemic talk about remote work, flexible working hours, digital organisations, global talents… What if this new situation that many companies face today is already old news?

This was the question that came to my mind during the pandemic. In my role as CEO of the content marketing agency Make Your Mark, it became clear that the new working life would be waaay different from the old one. There are plenty of questions, but not that many answers. But what is clear is that we all have to choose a road less traveled. And I guess, the best thing with that is that the road less traveled is… the best. For, as Robert Frost concludes his poem-turned-meme The Road Not Taken:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

The unknown is, at least for me, the most interesting. But as I began to think about the new working life and the flexible workplace of the future I felt that… had I not heard this before? This talk about a global organization with the best talent from all over the world, with digital collaboration tools in the middle, where everyone works remote first with a common goal towards a hyperdigitalized world. Wasn’t that what they had been talking about for five years at…. Planhat?

I have followed this company's gradual growth from a distance. From loose talk, to the first customers, to the larger customers, to one and two and three offices, to even more customers, to even more users, to employees and clients in 20 countries and counting. Through the years the organization has grown and the platform have evolved, but the core philosophy has always stayed the same:

  1. Everything will be digitised.

  2. Everything that is digitised will move to the cloud.

  3. The cloud feeds the customer centric business model.

  4. The customer centric business model focuses on creating the best experience for your customer.

  5. To create the best experience for your customer, you need a platform that helps you collect all your customer information in one place.

  6. Build that platform.

This might seem simple in writing, but it surely is the road less traveled by. The truth is that I'm leaving the funniest (and best paid) job I've ever had to join… something I can barely explain what it is. On my signature it says brand & communications director, but it could just as easily say marketer, communicator, writer, production manager, recruiter, press officer, sales rep, strategist and — I hope — mood manager.

I could say that Planhat combines modern consumer design principles with powerful enterprise architecture to offer you simple, elegant solutions to complex business problems. That is true. But that is the platform we have built to be able to help the companies of the future grow. What we are above all are the people who work here, and the people we work with. We – Planhat and our clients – all add great people on top of a great product, for a tomorrow that is something different than today. And we are all on the road less traveled.

Planhat chose that path 5 years ago.


I chose it 5 days ago.

Let's start walking.


Interested in the road less traveled? We are in a hyper growth mode and 2022 will be parabolic. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and keep an eye on our career page. At the moment we are looking for, among others, Director of revenue operations, Talent acquisition manager, Customer success manager, Account executive, Product marketing manager and Technical account manager (but no mood managers).

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