Towards Workflow 2.0: Introducing Projects & Sequences

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Planhat is all about empowering you to convert actions to outcomes.

That’s why we recently introduced a new Calendar View of tasks, the first step towards Workflow 2.0, to make task management even more flexible and intuitive.

Building on this, we’re launching an all-new interface for Projects and Sequences. This involves a suite of enhancements including a Projects table view for greater visibility and faster in-line editing and simplified Sequences, more clearly highlighting how and when emails will send.

This is a quick a primer on what’s new & what’s coming as we build towards Workflow 2.0. For a deeper look at how to make the most of these enhancements, check out this article.

Enter, Projects and Sequences

Planhat’s workflow platform is continuously evolving to serve a greater set of business processes and use cases, in a more data-driven and user-friendly way.

In line with our product approach of building generic horizontal components, we’ve taken a good look at the various kinds of workflows exists in the world, and started organising them into Types. Internally-facing Projects and externally-facing Sequences are the first of these two Workflow Types, and they come with purpose-built interfaces suited to their particular use cases: for Projects, an in-line editable table; and for Sequences, clear guidance on execution.

Workflow Platform Power-Ups

Across Workflow Types, there will be similarities. Regardless of what they’re doing, they should be data-driven, generate actionable analytics, and be quick and easy to use.

That’s why we’ve released a new set of Workflow capabilities, including bulk-management of steps, even-more flexible Conditionality, template search, and more.

Enhanced Robustness & Transparency

As Workflows are run on more and more use cases, with an ever-growing number of steps and people involved, data robustness and transparency becomes increasingly critical.

That’s why we’ve introduced logs on all workflow template steps for smoother collaboration, and rearchitected our backend data structure, built to support hundreds of steps and conditions.

The Long View

These enhancements are the single biggest step we’ve taken in developing Planhat’s workflow platform since playbooks were first created, making Projects and Sequences more organised, transparent and flexible than ever before. While useful, most importantly these updates pave the way for:

  • Workflows on most models, such as running Projects or Sequences on Licenses
  • Support for more Workflow step types, for example, sending an email from a Company Project
  • Enhanced Outcomes and native Outcome analytics
  • Purpose-built workflow visualisations including a task kanban and project GANTT chart

We’re excited to see what use cases you unlock with Workflow 2.0 over the coming months.

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