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Together, we have created a customer platform that helps technology companies grow by putting the customer at the center of the business. We’re always hiring. Some of our Planhatters are hybrid, some are remote. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all but take a pragmatic approach to how to set Planhat, the team, and the individual up for success. Below you’ll find our current job openings. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know—you never know what opportunities could come up in the future.

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Winning with Planhat

To be part of a growing company with great people and even greater ambitions. To push an entire industry forward. To play to win. That’s what life at Planhat is all about.

Team members

The number one reason we all have joined Planhat for is the exciting journey we’re on. But to have even more fun on the way there are a few things the team appreciates e.g.






Customer Success












Technical Account Management



Customer Success




Thousands of people use my code on a daily basis

What excites you the most with Planhat?

The most exciting fact for me is there are a lots of users on our app daily and actually use the code I write—that’s incredible.

How has your journey with Planhat been so far?

I joined the company when the company was quite young. And I was too! As the company grows quickly that requires me to “grow up” my professional qualities as well. My hope is after 5 years at Planhat I definitely became a much stronger developer which might not be true if I worked somewhere else.

Why would you recommend Planhat to a friend?

I am sure that our app will be #1 not only among CS platforms, but CRM platforms as well, so that’s a great opportunity to join.

Within one week, I had exposure to other cultures and global leaders

Why did you join Planhat?

I was excited to join a remote-first culture with employees sprinkled around the globe.

After joining were your exceptions met? What has surprised you?

Within one week, I had exposure to other cultures: working alongside Milly in the UK, joining a meetup with Sabrina from Argentina, and connecting with badass female leaders from Sweden and Croatia. I love getting to know team members and how they operate on both professional and personal levels.

Would you recommend Planhat to a friend?

Planhat is revolutionizing the way technology companies operate to meet the ever-growing and evolving needs of their employees – and that’s exciting!

Before joining I had only left UK once, in my first year here it happened twice

Why did you join Planhat?

Planhat was recommended to me. I was super excited to join a start-up in a growing industry.

After joining were your exceptions met?

All my expectations were exceeded! I love working remote (especially with children) and I love that we travel around the world for meet-ups. Before Planhat I had only left the UK once – already I have left the UK twice for Planhat meet-ups in Sweden and Croatia.

Everyone is helpful, friendly, hard working, and intelligent. I'm building a fantastic network whilst making friends along the way. I'm also attending a more luxurious gym that I enjoy on a regular basis thanks to a Planhat perk.

It's phenomenal how quickly the company is growing. The senior team listen to feedback, they care about their employees and working alongside us day-by-day, which is nice – we’re a true team.

It’s a great company, with a great leader, and a product I believe in!

What intrigued you about Planhat in the first place?

When I read about Planhat I was sold. I believed in the vision and could see how needed the platform is in this market. You’ve heard the saying, a good product (mostly) sells itself. It’s also important for me to work for a company that strives to continuously innovate because that means adaptation to change and new opportunities.

What ultimately made you decide to join?

I interviewed for a year, turning down many companies before interviewing at Planhat. It was not the run of the mill questions that I was accustomed to and prepared for – Planhat took time to ask about me as an individual. It was authentic and unconventional – and refreshing. It told me that they truly care about who they hire and gave me insight into the leadership style of whom I’ll be working alongside.

My colleagues are world class and it's both an honor and a pleasure working with them

Why did you join Planhat?

Working at a startup was something I had always wanted to experience. I knew it would strengthen my skills as a generalist and challenge me (as I was going to be one of the first hires in the states!).

What has surprised you?

How we approach business differently. We don’t work with just anyone, all customers have to go through a technical validation before we move forward with a partnership to ensure it’s a great fit. This really contributes to our retention and overall customer satisfaction.

How supportive senior management is. There is an open door to any c-suite or senior manager you want to have a conversation with. Plus, being a remote first company the way we're able to share knowledge is impressive.

What’s it like working at Planhat

You are constantly learning new things. No two customers are the same, and it's great to see the product constantly being challenged and then prevail due to how flexible it is. My colleagues are world class and it's both an honor and a pleasure working with them.

Nothing holds me back - Planhat is like a highway

Why did you join Planhat?

Kaveh, the CEO, described Planhat like a highway but one where I could drive as fast as I possibly could, and be challenged every day. That was inspiring.

What does remote work mean for you?

It means I can adjust work to everything I want to do and experience in my life – not the other way around. If I want to ski for a week in the north I can do that, if I want to try a move to another country for a while, then that’s possible too.

What’s it like working at Planhat?

Challenging, fun, rewarding, and sometimes even a bit chaotic.

I felt this great sense of ambition coming from the team, but also noticed how incredibly down to earth and kind everyone was

Why did you join Planhat?

I joined Planhat first and foremost because of the people. When I was interviewing, I felt this great sense of ambition coming from the team, but also noticed how incredibly down to earth and kind everyone was. I felt at home and myself from the day I started. It wasn’t only the people though, Planhat has a fantastic product and huge growth potential, so I knew it was going to be a really exciting ride.

What’s it like working at Planhat?

Working at Planhat means being part of a really special group of people. As a remote-first company, we’re spread across the globe, each of us bringing our own backgrounds and strengths to the table. Autonomy runs high, but we’re also expected to deliver, creating the perfect environment to get the very best out of yourself.

What’s your best memory so far?

Our team meetup in Sweden this summer. We get together regularly as a team to celebrate the end of the quarter, look ahead, and simply spend time together. We stayed in a beautiful location surrounded by forests and lakes - it was a perfect moment to wind down, reflect, and re-energise as a team.

Working at Planhat is like working at an amusement park; It's very fast-paced, thrilling & always exciting things to do

Why did you join Planhat?

When I first discovered Planhat in July 2020, I thought it sounded a little too good to be true. With only 20+ employees, the company was under the radar as the main focus had been to build the best CS product. With some skepticism (but mostly excitement!) I decided to join as the first marketing employee. Two years later, I'm still very happy that I did!

What’s it like working at Planhat

Working at Planhat is like working at an amusement park (like, literally!). It's very fast-paced, and I never run out of things to do.

What does remote work mean for you?

Remote work is the future! It allowed me to spend 3 months improving my surfing and Spanish skills in Costa Rica earlier this year, and lots of time in my hometown visiting my family. Best part? I still have amazing colleagues and an office to go to as soon as I’m back in Stockholm.