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Planhat is a beautiful and easy to use Customer Success tool!

We created Planhat because SaaS sales doesn’t stop at closing the deal! Sustainable SaaS growth comes from maximizing the lifetime value of existing customers. To do that we believe that Customer Success Managers need a new generation software that helps them manage their clients throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

SaaS companies work hard to acquire new customers! They hire marketers, they work hard for their inbound leads and their sales reps do a great job signing up new customers. But then what?

As the SaaS company grows the founders appreciate the importance of hiring skilled Customer Success Managers and tries to help them set up the right plays that match the customer experience that they imagine. Plays that will lead to high renewal rates and low churn.

We looked at the challenges for a Customer Success Manager (having worked as CSMs and managed a bunch of CSMs at growing SaaS companies we felt the pain)...

The sophisticated SaaS companies have well thought-through processes for different phases of the customer lifecycle. Most companies do onboarding of some kind, some have structured methodologies for what they call their adoption or delivery- phase and most have a methodology for renewing their accounts. The challenge lies not in understanding these phases but all the plays and to-dos that need to happen (and be timed right!) for all the tens, hundreds or thousands of customers that your new business sales teams are signing on.

New Business CRM tools don't cut it for SaaS businesses. They are too simple. We looked hard but didn’t find any alternatives that satisfy the requirements that we had ourselves on a modern CSM tool;

  • Ability to configure proactive and adaptive plays that help my team to prioritize their to-do’s on a daily basis (my CEO will be happy knowing that my CSMs does what they need to do every day to reduce churn, boost up-sales and delight customers!)

  • Guided, visual and automatic workflows throughout the entire customer lifecycle that ensure consistent onboarding, adoption, and success. Emphasis on easy-to-use!

  • An aggregated Event Stream giving me a 360 view of my customers, everything I need in one application!

On top of that, we needed the obvious:

Churn and up-sale triggers, ability to push new opportunities into the up-sale pipe and something that works for my SaaS startup but has the depth and sophistication to support me as I grow my business and hire a ton of Customer Success Managers.

Successful SaaS companies have nailed their customer success methodology and tied it into a well-defined customer lifecycle. No, churn is not only a function of how much your customers are using your product. We believe that Success in Customer Success is about account planning, it’s about nailing onboarding, it’s about flagging churn cases well ahead of the renewal period, it’s about staying connected to the influencers, it’s about putting the right people on the right accounts and (yes!) it’s about ensuring that your users engage with your product. Most importantly it is about getting a holistic view of the customer health where the different dimensions (satisfaction, usage, onboarding etc), are put in the context of each other.

Successful SaaS companies will plan for their renewals from day one!


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