Product update May: A push for usability and data

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Following our $50mn Series A announcement a couple of weeks back, we were very excited to gather the technology & product team in Stockholm for 5 days of building. Being a global remote-first team has its benefits, but we’ve also discovered that many of our most appreciated features and modules (e.g., the data module and Pages) emerged from in-person meet-ups.

This time, we wanted to make a push for usability, especially on making it easier to structure, access, and visualize data.

See our Product team share some highlights of the week in video format, and read more about the features in the list below (note: some articles are only available to users).

Structure: a more flexible data model

  • Out soon: renaming models in the UI (e.g., “Companies” can now be “Schools”)

  • Field tracing to map database dependencies and reduce risk of error

Access: make it easier to work with large datasets

  • Out soon: Command Box (like Mac Spotlight) as a short-cut way to search, import, log tasks/notes without having to move out of the existing workflow

  • Description (with tooltip) to custom fields, to enable better documentation

  • Bring up “Manage fields” by right-clicking the column, to reduce clicks needed

Visualize: new analytics functionality and more customizable data views

  • The Face/off metric chart - drill-down to compare performance over time between different customer segments, projects, cohorts - you name it!

All these features, except the new models and ability to re-name models, are available by default to all our customers.

Quietly, we also released our Snowflake integration’s support for time-series data, which means you can now freely unify Planhat and your data warehouse.

As Planhat-users ourselves, we are really looking forward to drilling deeper into these, and we hope you are too!

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