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What does it mean to be a truly customer-centric organisation?

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In this special Webinar we discussed what it means to be a truly customer-centric organization, with Dr Tom DeWitt, Director of Customer Experience Management at Michigan State University.

We all know how important our customers are, but how customer-centric is your organization? Being customer-centric means you consider your customers as a key stakeholder when any internal decisions are made, and factor in ‘customer impact’ to all strategic goals.

Planhat and Michigan State University are pleased to present our Webinar on What does it mean to be a truly customer-centric organization?, hosted and presented by Dr. Tom DeWitt, Ph.D., Director of CXM at Michigan State University.

Dr. Tom DeWitt joined the marketing faculty of the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University in 2018. He is the founder and Director of CXM@MSU, an entity designed to engage industry in the advancement field of customer experience management (CXM). CXM@MSU hosts an industry best practices symposium twice a year, delivers a CXM workshop series, and is creating what will be the first master’s degree in customer experience management in North America. Dr. DeWitt is also the founder and president of CX of M - Michigan’s Association of Customer Experience Management.

Prior to joining MSU, Dr. DeWitt was an associate professor of marketing at the University of Hawaii - Hilo, where he taught a wide range of marketing courses for 11 years and founded and directed the university’s Office of Applied Learning Experiences. While in Hawaii, Tom developed a successful consulting business that helped organizations effectively design and manage experiences with their customers.

In this webinar, Tom discussed how the leading companies in the world are those that have found the economic value of where customer expectations and experience align.

Key to delivering exceptional customer experiences in either the B2B or B2C realm is laying the foundation for a customer-centric organization. According to KPMG, customer-centric organizations are 38% more likely to report greater profitability than their competitors. When asked if their organization is customer-centric, most business leaders are apt to say 'yes', citing examples of how they take great pains to serve the needs of their customers. However, do they understand what it truly means to be a customer-centric organization?

Tom drew on the results of an exhaustive research study of customer-centric organizations to explain his findings in this exceptional webinar.

In this insightful webinar you will learn:

  1. Results from extensive research on customer-centric organizations

  2. Characteristics of customer-centric organizations

  3. Operating practices of customer-centric organizations

  4. The benefits and challenges of being a customer-centric organization

Tom is regularly called upon for his expertise in CXM by Fortune 500 companies, and we are lucky enough to have his expertise in this special online webinar.

Download the video today to learn more about customer centricity.

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