2017 Nordic Customer Success Benchmark

a rapidly growing community

By Planhat


Through an online survey, Planhat reached out to Customer Success professionals in the Nordic region and asked questions pertaining to job title and seniority level, compensation models, salary, maturity of the customer success team and so forth. The results will be found in this report.

The goal of this report is to provide Customer Success Managers, people in the customer success community, or those seeking to learn more about customer success as a profession with an idea of what the current state of CS is in the Nordics - especially around salary and compensation models.

The survey was conducted in the last quarter of 2016 and beginning of 2017, and was the first time the customer success community was surveyed in the Nordics.

This is not the full report. To access the entire report send us an e-mail with the subject "Nordics CS Benchmark"

Executive Summary

The Customer Success profession in the Nordic region is in early stages. Most of the community are found in growing SaaS companies. Scandinavia has numerous successful international SaaS companies with sophisticated customer success organizations in place.

The high level take aways are:

  1. Majority of our respondents are working in a company where the customer success function is newly formed but growing fast: 70% reported that their customer success team is less than three years old but has grown with at least 25% in the past 12 months.
  2. 50% of the respondents are “team members” (i.e individual contributors), 25% are in managerial positions and 25% at Director/VP level.
  3. Majority (68%) of our respondents have some kind of a variable component to their salary model.
  4. The average monthly salary for a CSM with no managerial responsibility is €4,489 per month, for a manager, €5,061 per month and for a CS Director/VP €6,775 per month.
  5. The most important success metrics and areas of responsibility for our respondents is to keep churn low, drive more up-sales and to increase product adoption.

Survey Participants

survey results of the participants job titles in customer success survey

The job title and role of Customer Success Manager is still relatively new and is continuing to be defined. While majority of participants have a job title that includes "Customer Success," it is clear that there are still other titles being used for people managing existing customers/business in the Nordics. Job titles related to “support” and “services” appear to be what is included most often.

seniority level of survey participants in customer success survey

In addition to job titles, we asked our participants to indicate their seniority level in their CS team. With 50% of our participants having the seniority level of a “Team Member”, we feel as though our report provides a good look at what the typical compensation structure is for a Customer Success Manager/Rep.

The data collected is also more representative of smaller to mid-size companies; 50% said they work at companies with less than 51 employees.

Size of portfolio managed per CSM

The typical survey respondent was managing 50 to 150 customers in their portfolio, with a total ARR value of €500k+. 29% of the respondents have still not split their customers into portfolios.

survey results for the size of the portfolio of customer success managers Out of the respondents that said they have not been splitting the customer base between them in their teams/company:
  • 36% have a CS team that was formed less than one year ago
  • 59% have a CS team that was formed between one and three years ago
  • 5% have a CS team that was formed more than three years ago
  • Salary Models

    survey results for the compensation models for customer success managers

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