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Improved customer retention

Increased team efficiency

Decrease in churn


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Milana Blazic Wenger

Milana Blazic Wenger

Strategic Operations Manager

With Planhat, we gain valuable customer insights that everyone can access, helping us drive revenue growth.

Tymeshift is a workforce management software company exclusively built for Zendesk. Their solution provides insights for data-driven staffing decisions, performance evaluation, training, and schedule adherence. With a vision of creating a customer-centric company, Tymeshift fosters collaboration between departments. But they needed to elevate their operations to a more strategic level. Therefore they decided to find a solution that could help them turn the vision of customer centricity into reality on a day-to-day basis.

"Planhat offered the flexibility we needed, seamless integrations with our existing platforms, unlimited licenses, and powerful real-time data capabilities. The customer portals feature improved our transparency, while the Slack integration enabled us to automate workflows."

Tymeshift faced several challenges before deciding to work with Planhat. They lacked a centralized system for managing customer information, which was scattered across different sources of truth. This meant many time-consuming manual processes, which made it difficult to manage customer relationships and bridge the gap between customer-facing and non-customer-facing teams. Additionally, Tymeshift sought a tool that could provide real-time data and insights and facilitate proactive customer engagement.

  • Customer data was stuck in different data silos.

  • Limited insights into customer usage.

  • Stuck in time-consuming manual processes.

"With Planhat's flexible tool, we can easily create dashboards and provide access to relevant information for each team. This means that everyone can access customer information with just a click, eliminating the struggle of finding the necessary data."

Tymeshift decided that Planhat should be used across multiple departments – Customer Success, Sales, Product Engineering and Marketing – with customized data visibility. It allowed Tymeshift to scale their operations seamlessly, providing the right information to the right teams. Additionally, the insights provided by Planhat supported their retention strategies, helped Customer Success Managers identify at-risk opportunities early on, and identify potential upsell opportunities based on customer data.

  • Creating one source of truth for all customer data.

  • Leveraging unlimited seats to implement Planhat across all departments.

  • Creating dashboards to visualize customer stories.

"It’s all about customer relationships and driving revenue growth. And Planhat helps us do that by providing customer insights that can be shared across the entire organization. If you are passionate about making your customers successful, then Planhat is your home."

Implementing Planhat as their customer platform has had a transformative impact on Tymeshift. Thanks to Planhat's flexibility, the value can be attributed to several use cases. Firstly, it consolidates and organizes customer data. Secondly, it helps create dynamic health scores. Thirdly, it aids in identifying customers at risk. Fourthly, it provides valuable customer insights to the executive team. Lastly, it enables Tymeshift to deliver a personalized approach to customers, ultimately fostering growth and retention.

  • Increased team efficiency with centralized customer data.

  • Stronger customer relationships improve customer retention.

  • Decreased churn, by identifying customers at risk early on.


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