How Macrobond reduced churn by 20% with better customer data

Reduced churn by 20%

Hike in expansion opportunities

Increased product adoption

Consolidated customer data


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Howard Rees

Howard Rees

Chief Commercial Officer

The usage of Macrobond has increased massively, and churn has decreased massively. Thanks to Planhat, we can finally unlock the value of Macrobond for everyone.

Macrobond is a SaaS firm that delivers the world's most comprehensive source of economic intelligence for financial professionals. It provides them with a platform that helps them quickly find, analyze, visualize and then share relevant data. Their users are mainly within banks, asset managers, asset owners, government institutions, and large corporations that have in common that they need to look at data from a top-down perspective. If Macrobond can help these financial players understand the data quicker, they are giving them back time – time that they can use to add value to their own business.

"In Saas, onboarding is crucial. And when you are growing 20% per year, you need an efficient process because if you don't onboard users properly, that is when you can lose customers."

Macrobond was scaling fast, with new customers and colleagues constantly joining. They needed to set up processes to ensure efficient teams and create a great onboarding experience. There is also a constant will to evolve the existing offer with new products and data sets. This increased the demand for a deeper understanding of the software's actual usage.

  • Fast growth made it increasingly difficult to onboard new customers.

  • Need to increase understanding of usage to create more value for customers.

  • Difficulty prioritizing team members' time and focus without useful customer insights.

"The usage of Macrobond has increased massively, and churn has decreased massively. Thanks to Planhat, we can finally unlock the value of Macrobond for everyone."

Planhat initiated a close collaboration during implementation to ensure a low Time To Value. The goal was to consolidate and organize Macrobonds’ customer data, drive increased product adoption, and identify expansion opportunities.

  • Consolidate and organize customer data.

  • Drive increased product adoption.

  • Identify expansion opportunities.

  • Visualize product usage for deeper customer insights.

"We came in with a 20% lower churn than we had budgeted within the first years. Simply because we now understand our customers better."

Macrobond is growing as a company at an impressive speed, but with the help of Planhat, they have managed to create a great onboarding experience for new customers, and provide an even better customer experience to their existing customers.

  • More profound customer understanding results in 20% lower churn

  • The company is able to scale with speed when CSMs can focus their time better.

  • Providing teams with better tools has reduced staff turnover