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"Planhat enables us to have a true understanding of our customers. Providing data on the customer's ROI and ways for us to better understand their needs, Planhat has helped net retention and improved the efficiency of our CS team."

zenloop is an integrated experience management platform based on the Net Promoter Score®. The SaaS solution automatically collects customer feedback through various channels along the entire customer journey, analyzes & clusters it with the help of artificial intelligence & derives customized & personalized measures to retain satisfied customers & win back dissatisfied customers. The zenloop portfolio includes brands such as Momox, Douglas, Penta, ATU, Mister Spex, Foodspring, Carhartt & Jochen Schweizer.

| What challenges did they have?

  1. Limited understanding of the customer. zenloop struggled to truly understand their customers, their health, and the likelihood of renewal.

  2. Inconsistent processes. When scaling the success team, zenloop did not have a consistent process, script and strategy throughout the customer journey.

  3. No way of managing opportunities. zenloop struggled to identify and manage upsell opportunities.

  4. Sharing data with clients. zenloop wanted to increase transparency and collaborate with customers in order to ensure customer ROI.

| How did Planhat help?

Clear usage data and persona data in one place

Planhat provided the ability to import all the user data into one place, which meant availability of real-time data from customers using the platform. Planhat now showcases which features are being used, who is active and whether the right stakeholders are being managed.

Understanding the customer lifecycle

The new lifecycle process meant a better understanding of where inconsistencies in the customer journey. Understanding the customer lifecycle phases, combined with usage data, meant more consistency across the journey. This enabled zenloop to track the health of the customer along with their whole lifecycle journey.

"Planhat is a powerful CRM that is very intuitive to use, I couldn't imagine running a CS team without it.”

The use of conversation types

Being able to have different types of conversations with different clients. The CSMs are set quarterly business reviews which now can be streamlined by using different templates.

Creating processes with Playbooks

Being able to roll out Playbooks for the different success lifecycle phases including onboarding, adoption, expansion and advocacy. This lets zenloops CSMs know what steps to take and how to move forward with customers.

Providing opportunity overviews and reporting

Providing zenloop team leaders with customer intelligence to see the general overview of how the CSM team is performing and all of the upsell opportunities.

Managing revenue data

Planhat provides a single source of truth throughout the process including revenue management which allows zenloop to see all aspects from start to finish.

Sharing information with customers with the shared Portals

Collecting all feature requests into the Customer Portal has meant that the customer is being heard. Being able to share playbooks with customers enables zenloop to see where they are in the lifecycle phase and their next steps. zenloop can also see their own data from the shared dashboards.

The Planhat support team

The Planhat team helps with not only technical support but also practical advice and support when starting up. Offering advice and best practices on how to set up dashboards to get the best insights and creating dashboard samples to test out.

| What was the impact?

Planhat has enabled one source of truth for all customer insights, with everything on one platform. With its easy to use and intuitive platform, it has made managing customer success streamlined. Zenloops CSM team is now working as one with processes in place and real time data to ensure everyone has the right information. Team leaders benefit by having an overview of all their CSMs performance and are able to manage strategies and ARR. Finally, the customer data enables zenloop to predict revenue risks and the gaps that need to be fixed.

"Planhat has helped net retention and improved the effciency of our CS team.”

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