zenloop improved net retention and efficiency with Planhat

Better customer insights

Increase in upsells

Improved customer satisfaction


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Judith Oberdorf

Judith Oberdorf

Customer Success Director

Planhat enables us to have a true understanding of our customers, providing data on the customer's ROI and helping us better understand their needs.

Zenloop is an integrated experience management platform based on Net Promoter Score. The SaaS solution automatically collects customer feedback through various channels along the entire customer journey, analyzes and clusters it with the help of artificial intelligence and derives customized and personalized measures to retain satisfied customers and win back dissatisfied customers.

As zenloop grew, they needed help to understand their customers fully and create a more customer-centric culture.

"We realized we did not truly understand our customers and had no visibility on customer health. We risked missing early warning signals on customer churn and upsell opportunities."

Zenloop realized they did not truly understand their customers and lacked visibility on customer health. Therefore, they were at risk of missing early warning signals on customer churn and identifying upsell opportunities. They needed a solution to identify and manage upsell opportunities, as there was a lack of clarity in the team. They also needed a platform to share data with their clients and increase their transparency to maximize their customers' ROI.

  • Inconsistent processes.

  • Inability to measure customer health and churn risk.

  • No way of sharing data with customers.

"Planhat is a powerful CRM that is very intuitive to use; I couldn't imagine running a CS team without it."

The first stage for Planhat was to import all of zenloop’s user data into one place. This provides the team with real-time customer data, enabling zenloop to see which features are used, who is active, and whether the right stakeholders are being managed. A new customer lifecycle process enables zenloop to standardize process and to reduce inconsistencies throughout the customer journey.

  • Structure customer lifecycle via standardized Playbooks.

  • Providing real-time data of usage for improved insights.

  • Help CSMs move the customers through the customer journey.

"Thanks to Planhat, we improved net retention and efficiency of our CS team."

Planhat has given zenloop one source of truth for all their customer insights. With the intuitive platform, zenloop now has a streamlined process for managing customers, and with the Customer Portals they can share information with their customers, enabling them to collect all feature requests and manage them to ensure the customer is always heard. As a result, zenloop’s CSM team is now working as one, with consistent processes in place and real-time data to ensure everyone is up to date. Team leaders benefit from an overview of all their CSMs tasks and stay on top of performance.

  • One source of truth for all customer insights.

  • A streamlined process for managing customers.

  • Managing expansion opportunities to drive upsales.

  • Sharing information with customers increases customer satisfaction.


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