A day in the life of a CSM

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The life of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) is never a dull one. Everyday you meet fascinating people, change how businesses operate (normally for the better), and even help a few get out of a hole. Sometimes it can even be a rollercoaster of emotions!

But how can a CSM make sure they are making the most of their precious time? What are the best tactical things a CSM can do today to help their customers? How can they ensure every customer in their portfolio continues to see success? And more importantly, how do you measure that success?

In this episode, our host Anika Zubair chats with Prashanth Jothi, Customer Success Manager at HubSpot about how to drive customer outcomes based on customer maturity.

Prashanth is a customer success enthusiast with a diverse background that spans everything from product to marketing, and sales. He brings a fresh perspective from working across four different countries, and shares both tactical and actionable insights every single day on LinkedIn to help inspire fellow CSMs and the CS community.

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