Customer Success in a recession

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With the recession looming, there are many things a CS leader has to consider in order to ensure that the customer success department is still thriving. For example, how are you able to keep your team focused on the success of their customers during such turbulent times? And how can you do more with potentially less resources?

In this episode, our host Anika Zubair chats with Jennifer Yorke, Chief Customer Officer at Omertria about how to ensure the success of your CS department during a recession.

Jennifer Yorke is passionate about scaling high-growth tech businesses, and growing teams who want to do things differently. Jennifer helped to launch Hootsuite, and evolved EMEA Success teams at Box and Bazaarvoice. Now, she is the CCO at Ometria and leads the Customer Success, Professional Services and Support teams with over a decade of experience driving revenue growth through sales, customer engagement, and business development.

The SaaS industry is going through a lot at the moment with the pandemic, the great resignation, and now a recession. Many CS leaders are asking themselves “how do we prove value during such turbulent times?”. Jennifer and her senior management team agreed that if they, for example, reduce the team by a certain size, that’s gonna negatively impact their customers. Instead, they will keep investing in their customers in order to come out on the other side of the recession.

“And the reason that this worked was because we were showing the value of what we did even before the recession.”

So, what are some tactical tips that we can do today in order to ensure CS continue to be recession proof?

“This is your time to be creative. For example, what you can deliver from a digital perspective versus getting maximum value from your individuals? This is also your opportunity to stop doing things for your customers that does not drive value anymore.”

Listen now to the full conversation with Jennifer and Anika to learn more about customer success in a recession.

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Customer Success in a recession

Our host Anika Zubair chats with Jennifer Yorke, CCO at Omertria about how to ensure the success of your CS department during a recession.

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