How to drive time to value for customers in only 14 days

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Getting a quick return on investment (ROI) from new software is essential. But how long should it take for a new customer to start seeing value? And is it actually possible to get customers up and running in just two weeks?

In this episode, our host Anika Zubair chats with Claire O'Regan, Director of Customer Success at Juro about how to drive time to value (TTV) for customers in only 14 days.

Claire is passionate about founding and building customer success (CS) teams at high-growth tech companies. She has scaled CS teams at large tech firms, as well as fast growing startups (Juro, Auth0, and Swrve). And is the recent winner and recipient of Customer Success Leader of the year at the Customer Success Excellence awards.

At Juro, she has grown customer Success from scratch. Becoming the first senior hire within post-sales – delivering high net dollar retention, creating a repeatable revenue engine, and achieving an employee NPS of 94.

Claire is now focusing on how to increase TTV. A project which has seen her analyze customers who were most successful with Juro. From this research she has discovered that the same customers who reach value quickly were also the ones which were most successful in the long term. Additionally, they scored highest in net promoter scores and gave excellent reviews.

“By looking at the existing data, we were able to see that onboarding customers to the point where they were seeing value on their investment as quickly as possible was a very sensible approach. And therefore we looked up ways that we could do that more efficiently.”

Ultimately, she found that the first 14 days is the key window for customers to engage with the onboarding team and dedicate resources to the new project. Therefore, Clarie and her team decided to start a 14 day TTV implementation.

“They are generally at their most enthusiastic about the new tool that's going to help them and will engage in both admin training, configuration, and end user training during the first 14 days. And we will capitalize on that by bringing in experts, engineers, integration specialists etc to tie our tool to theirs. And that’s our sweet spot where they're most engaged with us.”

Listen now to the full conversation with Claire and Anika to learn more about how to drive time to value for customers in only 14 days.

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