How to become the best CSM of the year

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Being a Customer Success Manager (CSM) requires great multitasking skills and adaptability. You need excellent communication skills, outstanding problem-solving abilities and a remarkable understanding of customers. So, who holds the title of the “Best CSM of the Year” and how can you join their league?

In this episode, our host Anika Zubair chats with Tulasi Ryali, CSM of the Year by Customer Success Excellence about how to help your customer reach their business goals through value creation.

Tulasi Ryali is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Siemens, and has 18+ years of experience in customer-facing roles, including technical architect and program management. For the past four years, she has focused on SaaS products, passionately helping customers achieve their business goals. Tulasi’s love for solving complex problems and understanding customer needs drives her meticulous approach to value creation.

Tulasi pan-America customer focus and innovative strategies in increasing customer participation in analyst surveys have earned her recognition and awards. Most recently, she was awarded the title “CSM of the year” at the Customer Success Excellence awards ceremony in May 2023 in San Francisco. So, what led you to this success story?

**“I mainly focus on how I can meet the customer needs and make sure that the value is delivered. I also go beyond the value delivery, for example identify different areas of how I can increase, scale or identify the upsell and expansion opportunities. I believe some of these strategies helped me win the best CSM of the year award.” **

If there was one piece of advice you could give to other CSMs - what would that be?

“Understand your customers. Every customer is unique and understanding their needs is very important. No single approach fits all situations. So, always adapt to the situation and communication is key. That’s what I believe.”

Listen now to the full conversation with Tulasi and Anika to learn more about how to help your customer reach their business goals through value creation.

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