Laid off in CS - what to do next?

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As the tech industry experiences a wave of layoffs, the job market is flooded with talented professionals seeking their next customer success opportunity. So, what should you do if you have been laid off? And how do you prep for interviews and find the right next company?

In this episode, our host Anika Zubair chats with Carly Agar, Founder and CEO at CarlyAgar about landing a customer success job in 2023.

After spending 10 years in customer success, Carly founded her own business where she leads a team of coaches dedicated to helping people land jobs in the field. She and her team work one-on-one with career changers and experienced CS professionals on everything from resumés, to networking, all the way to interviewing and negotiating offers.

A lot of people are getting laid off currently. So, what is one of the first things you should do when you know your role will be eliminated?

**“I would say the very first thing your should do, and this is also a really good step to take if you’re even slightly worried about an layoff, is to collect as much data as you possibly can. For example, you should be trying to gather any data that will allow you to calculate your performance against KPIs. Secondly, I would spend a little bit of time in Slack and in your email and look for tough situations that you were in with clients and how you remediated those situations. That’s gonna be very helpful when you sit down to prep for an interview or to update your resume.” **

Today’s job market is tough and there’s no getting around that. But it’s not impossible to get a new job - it just requires a different strategy.

**“Two years ago, companies were hiring like crazy. You could just submit your resume and probably hit easy apply on LinkedIn, and then also have recruiters reaching out to you all day every day. That’s not the reality that we are in right now. Job seeking right now requires something different from you.” **

Listen now to the full conversation with Carly and Anika to learn more about landing a customer success job in 2023.

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