Yves Doucet, CEO of Dovico, on Creating a Culture of Customer Success

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After chatting away for 15 minutes about being in ketosis and which types of meditation we practice, Yves Doucet and I finally got into talking about him, his company Dovico and what he has done to create a culture of success for not only his customers, but his employees as well.

It is a company that sells timesheet software, and their message is all about making time valuable; making sure that every interaction their customers have with a Dovico employee is valuable, and that the customers are getting more value out of their time by using Dovico’s solution.

They do not have a Customer Success team, but they have certainly made the values of customer success a responsibility of every employee, and a part of their workplace culture. When asking about how they measure success at Dovico, he responded: “We measure ‘thank yous.’ We really don’t measure how much time we spend with them, we measure when they say thank you.”

What, I think, contributes to customer success as a culture is the flat structure at Dovico. Yves has created a flat structure where no one is given a title when they are hired on, but they choose what they feel their title, or their name, is after some time. The structure promotes community and innovation, and a lack of titles makes it so that no one feels as if they cannot contribute. Yves has chosen the title of culture coach, even though he knows that he does have to occasionally play the role of CEO.

Transparency and kindness are the main values at Dovico, and this translates into how they treat each other and how they treat their customers.

Yves is such a fun and inspiring man, and he made the interview so much fun. I hope you enjoy!

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