Workflows through the customer lifecycle

Structure workflows to manage all phases of the customer journey, including events like onboarding, business reviews, and renewals. Drive engagement among your customers and define milestones to measure overall progress.


Manage customers through the lifecycle

Use pre-defined, repeatable processes to efficiently manage your customers, through the customer lifecycle.

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Task management for all phases

Work with the cleanest task management system in customer success. Add events and activities. Generate tasks automatically. Drive the action you need.

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Insights on actions that deliver value

Get insights on the actions and initiatives of your team. Understand what delivers value, and what slips. Build customized dashboards and widgets, or use the out-of-the-box outcome and trend widgets.


Collaborate through customer lifecycle

Collaborate with your customers to drive adoption, show transparency and build trust. Share success plans, playbooks, usage dashboards, and much more.

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