Report: What’s next for Customer Success?

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With customer success finally being recognized as a growth driver, the pressure is on to build more effective workflows, deliver better customer experiences, and contribute to the bottom line. But are CS teams set up for success?

Today, the success of your customers is directly proportional to how enabled your team is by technology. Only with the right tools and the right (and accurate) data can CS teams create the value customers are looking for.

As we plan for the future, this report offers some clarity, answers commonly-held questions, and provides a better understanding of the CS landscape.

In this report, we’ll dive into the key findings and discuss why:

  1. CS teams are gearing up to optimize their tech stacks

  2. CS teams are shifting from reactive to proactive

  3. CS teams are putting more emphasis on leading indicators

  4. CS teams are (still) fighting for a 360-degree customer view

  5. Plus, get expert advice on how to get more budget, foster data democracy, and how to approach metrics

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Report: What’s next for Customer Success?

150+ Customer Success professionals provide a look into their tech stacks, data capabilities, and the metrics that guide them.

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