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Perspectives on what currently going on in the customer success community. Stay on top of the latest news relateded to SaaS Churn, up-sell, renewals. Customer Success compensation, upcoming events, and a lot more.

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Customer Success Benchmark Nordics 2017

The Customer Success profession is growing alongside the increasing number of technology and SaaS companies in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. This seems to be a natural progression as tech companies are beginning to realize the large impact of customer retention on the financial stability, growth, and success of the company.

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EU Data Directive

The General Data Protection Regulation will officially be enforced 25 May, 2018, making 2017 the year to make sure your company complies and is ready to go. We know there is some uncertainty about how this new regulation will affect SaaS companies in the EU and the US, but this article will provide you with some of the key areas and aspects to help you prepare. We break down the potential cost of non-compliance, the new Privacy Shield Framework for US companies, and more.

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Beginner's Guide to NPS

The basics to help you get started with NPS - what it is, how to survey, and how to calculate and interpret your scores.

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Customer Advocacy - Fuel to SaaS Success

Customer Advocacy is the new strategy for businesses in today’s subscription economy, therefore should be considered a part of your growth and retention strategy. Creating a strategy for it, or investing resources in a program to nurture your advocates early on could help you stand-out and win.

By Utkrash Awasthi

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