Take control of your churn with Planhat

Use Planhat to identify high-risk accounts, take action, and mitigate churn. Use alerts and triggers based on usage and health to retain your customers.


Spot negative usage trends. Take action!

Track and visualise customer usage data in real time. Benchmark your customers’ usage, visualise how engagement changes, be alerted if it does and share it with your customers so they know the value they are getting from your products.

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Ensure customers are “healthy”

Design Health Scores to meet your specific needs in the world’s only Health Score Laboratory! Experiment with different rules, build Health Scores for specific customer groups and use the data you have in Planhat with almost limitless flexibility. Spot churn before it’s too late!

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Actions based on alerts

Create alerts based on your Health Score development. Create actionable tasks based on the development among your customers.


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