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the Center

Center your business around your customers

To succeed at customer success, your company needs to be customer centric. Being customer centric means you consider your customers as a key stakeholder when any internal decisions are made, and factor in ‘customer impact’ to all strategic goals.


Complete picture of your customers

From a customer success perspective, if you want your business to be customer centric, you need to consider customer success less at an organisational level and more at a cultural level. Planhat helps by giving you unlimited users, meaning your customer data is not siloed and everyone in your organization can access key data and insights about your customers.


Customize views for your teams

With Planhat’s Data Platform you can build views of any customer cohort and share them with any internal team. Filter relevant data, showing finance metrics for your finance teams and usage metrics for your product teams. Create new voluntary or mandatory custom fields, featured across the application, giving a full view of customers in Planhat.


Deep insights into customer health

Design Health Scores to meet your specific needs in the world’s only Health Score Laboratory! Experiment with different rules, build Health Scores for specific customer groups and use the data you have in Planhat with almost limitless flexibility. Health Scores can be fun!

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