Customer Collaboration

Collaboration built for customer success

Today customer success is all about making data-oriented decisions, but the next step in customer success is enabling data transparency with your customers. In parallel, key processes in the customer journey often break down because of a lack of alignment between the customer and success team. Planhat solves these problems and more by enabling you to share success plans, playbooks, dashboards, goals,

documents and more with your customers in a branded Customer Portal. Suddenly, onboarding is simple to manage, despite multiple complex stakeholders, as everyone know what to do and when. Adoption is easily measured through shared dashboards and QBRs can be built around data with shared, real-time usage dashboards and mutual goals.


Drive transparency in Customer Portals

Collaborate with your customers to drive adoption, show transparency and build trust. Create document libraries, share success plans, playbooks, usage dashboards and much more.

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Share usage insights with your customers

Track and visualise customer usage data in real time. Benchmark your customers’ usage, visualise how engagement changes, be alerted if it does and share it with your customers so they know the value they are getting from your products.


Improve customer collaboration
through Planhat