Identify risks and opportunities, take action!

For many companies, the health score is the base of a customer success strategy. Health scores are generally used as a leading indicator of churn and a tool to understand current or future customer happiness.


Experiment in the Health Labratory

Planhat offers the world’s first Health Laboratory, enabling you to build custom and flexible Planhat Health Scores that update in real time, and experiment with different approaches. Bespoke health scores can be built for any customer cohort, lifecycle stage or any other way you want to slice your customer base.


Actions based true insights

The key to a health score is the action it facilitates. Changes in health scores alert CSMs of risks or opportunities, and update dashboards for executives to understand broader patterns. In Planhat, changes to health scores can alert your team in Planhat, by email, in Slack, Teams or to your desktop.

Send customer health back to your new business CRM or see it directly in your ticketing system. In short, everyone can be made aware of customer health and take the action they need.


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