Customer Success

Collect data, get insights and drive process through Planhat

High-touch customer success is complicated. Data in different systems, multiple internal and external stakeholders, complex processes, bespoke approaches for large clients, and aligning everyone around goals are just examples, and it takes time! Planhat solves these problems and more, enabling you to manage data, tasks and projects at scale and speed.


Software for a high-touch CS process

Planhat is the platform to power customer success organizations globally. Planhat gathers data, drives action and visualises insights. Planhat allows you to structure, manage and interact with all your customer data, in one place. Planhat integrates with the applications you love to use.


Playbooks for a high-touch process

Create clear, aligned processes to move your customer’s efficiently through the customer lifecycle. Prevent new team members from reinventing the wheel and have Planhat automatically manage what needs to happen, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be done.

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Customer Portals to drive collaboration

Collaborate with your customers to drive adoption, show transparency and build trust. Share success plans, playbooks, usage dashboards and much more.

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