Build business success on customer success

Maximize the value of your business by maximizing the value of your customers with less churn, more expansion, and viral referrals. Create a customer centered culture and facilitate cross-functional alignment by helping everyone focus on the common goal: the success of your customers.


Increase Customer Lifetime Value

The value of your business directly reflects the value of your customers. Lower churn, higher upsell, and broader cross-sell can increase the value of a single customer by10X and the value of your business by 100X. Make Planhat your secret strategic weapon to increase customer lifetime value and experience unlimited success.


Focus Everyone on Customer Success

Your business succeeds when your customers succeed. Bring your team members back to basic principles by empowering them with the knowledge and tools they need to maximize the return on your most important asset, your customers.


Create a Customer Centered Culture

Increase revenue, improve cross-functional collaboration and eliminate politics by focusing everyone in your organization on the common goal of creating happy, healthy customers. Planhat turns functional business thinking inside-out and puts your customers at the center of your company’s culture.


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