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SaaS Customer Onboarding

The onboarding phase is, arguably, the most critical and here is why.

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The power of team alignment when delivering customer success

Three simple ways to ensure that your team is delivering a great experience to your customers.

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Grow your business with customer segmentation

Not all of your customers are going to offer the same value to your company. Here are seven efficient ways to segment your customers.

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How to Ensure Customer Success During an Acquisition

In this guide we look at some of the different challenges that can arise in CS during an acquisition and the best practices to resolve them

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How marketing drives renewals and expansion

We dive deeper into Customer Engagement Marketing, to see how it can be leveraged as a primary driver of success for B2B organizations

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How Retention Drives Growth

Managing the Customer Lifecycle and limiting churn is more important than ever. As sales cycles and new business growth slow down, the value is in your existing customer base.

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Introducing Customer Portals

Launch of Customer Portals - the first customer collaboration platform, enabling you to build a transparent and collaborative space between you and your customer to create trust and drive efficient processes together.

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From BI to CI: the launch of Customer Intelligence

We are officially launching our new Customer Intelligence module, a module designed to provide all the data and insights a Customer Success organisation could need.

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Planhat and Slack

With our new Slackbot Everyone, no matter where they are, now has access to all key customer information they could need in a quick, digestible format.

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The Inbox for Customer Success teams

Last week we took our new Conversations module out of beta and started rolling it out to all existing customers.

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