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Planhat Experts: 3 Visions for the Future of Customer Success

Join our end of year panel as they discuss how they believe Customer Success needs to change in 2022 and beyond.

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Why product adoption is broken in most SaaS companies

Watch our webinar with Lauren Cumming, Elise Marengo, Ryan O'Connell and Christian Jakenfelds as they discuss what mistakes most SaaS companies make with adoption.

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Scaling CS for Commercial Returns

Watch our webinar with Christian Jakenfelds, Jeff Heckler, Anika Zubair, Andreas Knoefel, and Dickey Singh as they discuss scaling CS for commercial returns.

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How to prepare and build your CS strategy for 2022

Watch our webinar with Marie-Ève Chartrand and Gurprem Sagoo to learn how to review the current year, set up new objectives, and then plan your 2022.

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How to position CS as a growth engine to your C-Suite

Watch our webinar with Markus Rentsch and Christian Jakenfelds when they dive deep into why CS is the growth engine, and how to position it internally.

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People Matter: The ROI of a human-first approach to customer onboarding

Watch our webinar with Donna Weber and Jennifer Cramer where they discuss the importance of prioritizing the human factor of customer onboarding to maximize impact, experience, and faster time to value!

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CS and the three deadliest challenges of scaling

Watch our webinar to learn the biggest challenges in Customer Success right now, and what we can do to tackle them!

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Engagement at scale

Watch our webinar to learn how customer engagement at scale helps sustain high levels of growth for your company.

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How to Optimize the Sales to Customer Success Handoff

Nailing the handoff between sales and CS can be tricky! Watch our webinar to learn how to avoid gaps and the best practices.

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Hiring CSMs in an Evolving CS landscape

Whether you’re looking to hire CSMs, or if you’re a CSM on the hunt for a new position, this is the webinar for you!

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