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How to Optimize the Sales to Customer Success Handoff

Nailing the handoff between sales and CS can be tricky! Join our webinar to learn how to avoid gaps and the best practices.

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Hiring CSMs in an Evolving CS landscape

Whether you’re looking to hire CSMs, or if you’re a CSM on the hunt for a new position, this is the webinar for you!

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Balancing the 'human element' vs automation in CS

Automations can be hugely beneficial, but the need for human interactions in customer-facing roles like CS is more important than ever. So, how do you get the right balance?

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Customer Feedback in the Era of Digital CS

How Customer Success teams can leverage feedback effectively to close the feedback loop and deliver a better customer experience.

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Churn Prevention: How to identify and prevent churn

Churn prevention when done correctly can highlight areas to improve which will retain customers and therefore, minimize a company's churn and maintain a strong ARR.

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How to grow with your customers in 2021

Planhat, alongside Pexip, Pleo and Hopin, are pleased to present this special end of the year virtual panel. We are joined by strategy and CS leaders, to discuss the changes this past year has brought and their top CS priorities for 2021.

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Prioritize High Value by Tiering

Not all of your customers are going to offer the same value to your company. By prioritizing high value by tiering you can make sure your time and efforts are spent in the most efficient and effective ways.

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Post-onboarding customer engagement

Planhat and inSided are pleased to present another great webinar this month. We will discuss post-onboarding customer engagement, with our very own Gurprem Sagoo, Customer Success Manager at Planhat and Remco de Vries, Head of Marketing at inSided, the only customer success community platform built for B2B SaaS.

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Managing Rapid Growth: Aligning Success Operations Around ROI

As SaaS businesses boom, the growth and expansion phase is an exciting time, but it's important to know how to manage this growth to achieve ROI.

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What does it mean to be a truly customer-centric organisation?

We discuss what it means to be a truly customer-centric organization with Dr Tom Dewitt, Ph.D, Director of CXM at Michigan State University. Register and find out more in our next webinar.

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