3 top challenges for a CSM in 2023

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As we approach the end of the year, it’s a time for reflection and progress. So, what are some major hurdles that CSMs encountered in 2023?

In this session, Chloe Hammond, Senior Customer Success Manager at Slack and McKenna Claffey, Customer Experience Manager at Pendo shares their experiences and best practices on the challenges that the world of customer success encountered in the past year.

Watch the session to learn more about:

  1. Navigating customer layoffs effectively

  2. Becoming an internal champion for customer success

  3. The role of AI as we step into 2024

  4. And much more.. 


Gurprem Sagoo is leading CS Operations at Planhat with over 10 years of experience in the SaaS industry, and CSM of the Year 2022 in the Customer Success Excellence awards. He works with global brands and Enterprises, and is an enthusiastic speaker, passionate about Customer Success, Advocacy, and Community. Gurprem is also a part-time musician and an avid record collector.


Chloe Hammond has over five years of experience in Customer Success. She dedicated three years to Salesforce, focusing on their Core products. Chloe now holds the position of Senior Customer Success Manager at Slack. Throughout her career, Chloe has collaborated with Enterprise customers in the Retail and Financial Services sectors. She has a strong passion for value realization and fostering cross-functional partnerships.

McKenna Claffey is a Customer Experience Manager at Pendo, and has been a part of the team throughout an organizational shift towards customer success at scale. She is passionate about making a positive impact with her work, leveraging data to drive decisions, and, ultimately, helping customers achieve their goals. McKenna is excited to talk about the challenges facing customer success in 2023 and doing more with less.

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