Beyond Integration: Hubspot x Planhat to drive growth and retention

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In this session, Daphne Lopes, Director of Customer Success at HubSpot, and Chris Regester, Chief Customer Officer at Planhat explores the challenges many teams encounter in their journey to become more data-driven. 

They delve into real-world use cases on how to solve those challenges and elevate the overall experience of the customer. This session is a must-watch for those looking to learn how to leverage data for smarter business decisions and improved customer engagement and growth.

Watch the session to learn more about:

  1. Key challenges companies and teams face to be more data-driven
  2. Practical use cases to drive impact and efficiency using Planhat and Hubspot
  3. How teams across the entire customer lifecycle can collaborate to improve customer experience
  4. What benefits you can expect from the new Planhat/Hubspot integration


Amberā Pualani Cruz has spent the last 12 years building and scaling high-performing marketing teams across the globe. Today she leads the marketing team at Planhat, driving demand and helping customers unlock sustainable growth through their successful customers. 


Daphne Lopes leads Customer Success for HubSpot‘s second largest region alongside running This is Growth!, a content machine that helps thousands of CS Leaders build and scale CS teams. Over the last decade, she has helped Scale-Ups and Fortune 500 businesses build and scale global Customer Success teams to service 200K+ customers and $2B+ ARR.

Chris Regester is the Chief Customer Officer at Planhat and  was recently recognized by Pavilion, being included in their “Top 50 CCOs to Watch” list. With nearly two decades of experience in SaaS, he has demonstrated expertise in team building, strategic planning, and process optimization across diverse global markets. On the rare occasions he is not talking about customer success he can be found chasing his dog and daughters on the farm where he lives outside London.

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Beyond Integration: Hubspot x Planhat to drive growth and retention

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