Breaking into the US: What Every Nordic SaaS Business Should Know

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Are you a Nordic Saas business looking to expand into the US market? If so, you should watch this presentation by Planhat CEO and co-founder, Kaveh Rostampor. In it he discusses the important points to consider and mistakes to avoid.

Key takeaways include:

  1. How Nordic brands can leverage this regional background as a selling point, with it perceived as a stamp of quality in the US.

  2. Prioritize sales and avoid spending too much time on market research.

  3. Understand and adapt to cultural differences, such as the need for a more aggressive approach in the US market.

  4. When hiring, seek experienced mentors or advisers and be prepared for higher salary expectations. Look for salespeople who can effectively build a sales pipeline and consider hiring “builders” who can handle the challenges of working from the Nordics.

This presentation was made during the Planhat X Vainus event adjacent to Slush 2022. At the event, Kaveh Rostampor Honkanen was joined by Mikko Honkanen, founder of Vainu, and Maxine Rior, principal at Northzone. Watch their presentations from the same event below:

The Growing Importance of RevOps with Mikko Honkanen from Vainu::

Discover the latest go-to-market trends, learn why RevOps is the new hot role in B2B SaaS and see how data helps sales & marketing leaders to build personalization at scale. Download the presentation here.

The Metrics that Matter for Investors in an Economic Downturn with Maxine Rior from Northzone

Find out what metrics matter most for investors and how to think about valuation as markets change. Download the presentation here.

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