Customer Health Score Best Practices

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Another great Women in Customer Success event is behind us and we can look forward to the next one with more knowledge and more peers.

A big thank you is deserved, to our co-sponsors, Infunnel, for helping us host another awesome event in their beautiful office!

Mia Nordborg, Chief of Customer Success at Mynewsdesk, has worked in support, customer experience, and client relations for the past 18 years and she shared her knowledge and experience with the group on what goes into creating customer health scores.

You can view her presentation on SlideShare, or watch the video below.

Some Key Takeaways

There were so many gems from her presentation, it was hard to select just a few..

  1. When speaking about helping customers, Mia uses the analogy of a human body that is being diagnosed from their symptoms and talks about how customers might not always know why they are struggling, or what it is they don’t like about the product they are buying.
    And so as customer success managers, or anyone working with customers, “...we need to be able to find ways, both from data and from human interaction, to be able to identify what part is ‘ill’ with this person,” to better help them find value and remain healthy customers.

  2. Creating a retention funnel, and tracking how customers are doing post-sale can give you some of the most valuable data, but many companies only focus on the acquisition funnel. And all departments should be involved in discussing what this looks like.

  3. Looking at customer maturity from a user and a company perspective is important because the buyers - the ones who made the decision to buy the tool - could be at a later stage in maturity than the users - the ones who might not yet be familiar with the tool or weren’t a part of the buying process.

  4. It’s important to segment on a company level and on a user level so you can understand the differences on how each company, and even each user receives their value out of your service.

  5. Book recommendation: This is Lean: Resolving the Efficiency Paradox, by Niklas Modig

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