How to hit 120% NRR in 2024

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As we step into a fresh year, it’s crucial to establish your goals. For most Customer Success Managers, net revenue retention (NRR) stands as the benchmark metric. Now, how can you elevate your performance to new heights?

In this session, Rich Gawlas, Founder of Onward & Upward, and Erich Gardner, Customer Success Manager at Planhat shares their experiences and best practices on how to take your performance to the next level.

Watch the session to learn more about:

  1. Why everyone is talking about 120% NRR
  2. The importance of prioritising proactive over reactive work
  3. Effective collaboration with revenue teams
  4. And much more.. 


Gurprem Sagoo is leading CS Operations at Planhat with over 10 years of experience in the SaaS industry, and CSM of the Year 2022 in the Customer Success Excellence awards. He works with global brands and Enterprises, and is an enthusiastic speaker, passionate about Customer Success, Advocacy, and Community. Gurprem is also a part-time musician and an avid record collector.


Rich Gawlas is an outcome-driven CS leader and Founder of Onward & Upward, implementing AI solutions for revenue teams. He’s passionate about guiding clients to the “lightbulb moment” and has led expansion and renewal for customers in marketing, healthcare, fintech and EV charging. A career marketer, Rich leveraged his 10 years of experience into Customer Success and is excited at what the future holds for SaaS, the CS function and how AI tools will be able to help teams perform their best.

Erich Gardner is part of our US Customer Success org where he is currently consulting CS leaders and teams on their own Customer Success strategy. Erich has over 8 years of SaaS experience with the majority of that time being spent in customer and commercial facing roles. He has had the opportunity to experience a capacity of functions from building and leading CS teams at scale to managing enterprise customer portfolios. Outside of Erich’s career he enjoys travel and is enthusiastic about any kind of fitness.

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