My customers are churning - what do I do?

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In the fast-paced world of business, it’s no secret that some customers may come and go. However, savvy companies know that minimizing churn rate is essential to long-term success. But what exactly can you do to keep customers?

In this session, Alex Gold, Manager of Enterprise Customer Success at GoCardless, and Daniel Deller, Manager Strategic Retail at Bazaarvoice will share their experiences and best practices on managing churn.

Watch the session to learn:

  1. Immediate steps to take when you think customers are churning

  2. What are the specific steps to build a successful plan

  3. How to work with customer personas in tricky situations

  4. And much more…


Gurprem Sagoo is a Customer Success Manager at Planhat with over 10 years of experience as a CS lead in the SaaS industry, and CSM of the Year 2022 in the Customer Success Excellence awards. He works with global brands and Enterprises, and is an enthusiastic speaker, passionate about Customer Success, Advocacy, and Community. Gurprem is also a part-time musician and an avid record collector.


Alex Gold is Manager of Enterprise Customer Success at GoCardless with over 10 years of experience working in the CS world across the Martech and Fintech space. Based in London, she leads her team to drive success across GoCardless’s top merchants and build out a world-class CS function and strategy. Alex is also a full-time dog mum to Monty the Mini Dachshund, affectionately known to others as ‘Prince Monty’.

Daniel Deller leads the EMEA Retail team at Bazaarvoice with over 10 years of experience across sales and client success. He is currently leading a team of Account Directors who are responsible for renewing and expanding retail partnerships across EMEA.

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