Net Revenue Retention in CS and beyond

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Over the past few years Net Revenue Retention (NRR) has become the north star metric for tech companies.

You read about it in press releases when a company fundraises or goes public, investors want to drill down into any company they meet to understand not just ARR but NRR, and CSMs now look beyond churn and renewal to be NRR engines for growth.

So at Planhat we thought it was time to take a step back and review where NRR has come from, where it is, and most importantly, how you should approach it when scaling your business.

Join Edward Pedini, Head of Customer Success at SeekOut, Daphne Lopes, Head of Customer Success (EMEA) at HubSpot, and Ben Murrary, founder of SaaS CFO as they discuss:

  1. What NRR means to different roles, inside and outside the business

  2. Should you compensate on NRR?

  3. What does NRR mean to the customer?

  4. And much more...


Christian Jakenfelds has had multiple different customer-facing roles. He joined Tessian as one of their first CSMs and this is where he saw how CS is the engine for growth in SaaS businesses. He now works with Planhat in the UK market and has been named one of the top 25 CS Influencers in 2021.


Edward Pedini is Head of Customer Success at SeekOut, a $1.2B Seattle startup that enables organizations to find, grow, and retain talent. Before joining SeekOut he co-founded All2, a HR Tech startup focused on Employee Satisfaction and Engagement, and has been an early employee of multiple successful startups in almost every capacity.

Daphne Lopes is a customer success leader with Product Management, Operations and Professional Services experience in SaaS and Payments. She’s currently a part of the EMEA leadership team at HubSpot, recently voted the #1 CRM platform, and is obsessed with delivering great experiences and excellent outcomes to clients through products and services.

Ben Murrary is a corporate finance executive with over twenty-five years of public and private company experience in finance and operations in the software industy. He has been a SaaS CFO for the past nine years and has helped numerous SaaS founders with strategic finance.

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