How to scale CS from start-up to enterprise

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It’s one thing to start a CS organization and another to scale it. And this is even more true when the size of your customers is increasing at the same time. You’re learning how to serve enterprise customers while your own start-up is becoming an enterprise itself.

We're excited to be joined by Jennifer Murray, VP of Customer Experience at Nitro, William Goff, VP of Customer Success at Partnerize, and Mikko Honkanen, Co-Founder of Vainu who will share their experiences and best practices on scaling a CS organization.

Watch the session to learn about:

  1. How CS changes as your organization grows

  2. The skillset of an Enterprise CSM

  3. How to know the evolving needs of your customers

  4. The challenges of going global

  5. And much more...


Christian Jakenfelds has had multiple different customer-facing roles. He joined Tessian as one of their first CSMs and this is where he saw how CS is the engine for growth in SaaS businesses. He now works with Planhat in the UK market and has been named in the top 25 CS Influencers in 2021.


Jennifer Murray joined Nitro in 2016 to launch the Customer Success function, and now oversees the end-to-end customer experience, including Customer Success, Solutions Engineering and Customer Support with over 15 years of experience leading Customer Success teams at organizations including C3 IoT, Zynga, and eBay, Jennifer has a proven track record of driving business strategy through user experience data.

William Goff is the VP of Customer Success at Partnerize, a software platform and service company that enables brands to manage and optimize their partnership channel. Will joined Partnerize as the first customer-focused employee and, over the subsequent ten years, has built and led teams across the entire post-sale customer life cycle in Europe, JAPAC, and most recently in the US.

Mikko Honkanen is the Co-Founder of Vainu, a Helsinki-based company data platform. He is also a board member of three other software companies: Trustmary, Sniffie, and Tahto Group. Mikko has spent the past 15 years building, scaling, and managing Software as a Service companies in the Nordics, Central Europe, and in the USA.

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