The CSMs role in customer onboarding

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Onboarding is an incredibly important part of the customer lifecycle, with many potential challenges. But to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for all segments, we must establish strong foundations in process.

In this session, Rita Caetano, Customer Success Team Lead at and Alex Howe, Manager of Customer Success & Onboarding at Podium will share their experiences and best practices on customer onboarding.

Watch the session to learn:

  1. The significance of customer onboarding

  2. Strategies for developing and scaling customer onboarding processes

  3. Delivering a seamless onboarding experience for customers

  4. And much more..


Gurprem Sagoo is leading CS Operations at Planhat with over 10 years of experience in the SaaS industry, and CSM of the Year 2022 in the Customer Success Excellence awards. He works with global brands and Enterprises, and is an enthusiastic speaker, passionate about Customer Success, Advocacy, and Community. Gurprem is also a part-time musician and an avid record collector.


Rita Caetano is a Customer Success Team Lead at with 5 years of experience in Saas Customer Success. In her role, Rita partners with customers to refine their customer messaging strategy using real-time data in the powerful platform. She ensures customers have the necessary tools for successful onboarding. Passionate about user-friendly technical tools, she encourages her team to be creative, experiment, and drive better results. Based in Porto, Portugal, she enjoys the beach, movies, foodie spots, and planning trips.

Alex Howe is a Manager of Customer Success & Onboarding at Podium with 6 years spent across Strategic, SMB Customer Success & Onboarding teams. Whether as a leader or an IC, he passionately believes in empowering CS teams with: clear performance KPIs, the ability to provide 1:1 consulting, strong internal cross functional connections, and the tools necessary to drive meaningful progress for their clients & within their organizations. Based in Pleasant Grove, UT he enjoys hiking/skiing the Wasatch Mountains, reading epic fantasy novels, crafting cocktails, and spending time with his wife Kara + their dogs (Sam & Winston).

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