Delivering customer outcomes with a value framework

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Achieving customer success is a long-term endeavor that demands ongoing dedication and collaboration with our clients. A solid foundation is provided by a company value framework, guiding businesses on this journey. So, how can we consistently deliver lasting customer value through a value framework embraced by the entire organization? And what are the initial steps to building such a framework?

In this episode, our host Anika Zubair chats with Chris Regester, Chief Customer Officer at Planhat about how to deliver customer outcomes through a value framework. 

Chris Regester was recently recognized by Pavilion, being included in their “Top 50 CCOs to Watch” list. With nearly two decades of experience in SaaS, he has demonstrated expertise in team building, strategic planning, and process optimization across diverse global markets. On the rare occasions he is not talking about customer success he can be found chasing his dog and daughters on the farm where he lives outside London.

As the Chief Customer Officer at Planhat, Chris ensures that customers are at the heart of everything we do. To establish consistency across the organization, Chris has developed a value framework that serves as our core commercial model. This framework ensures alignment between product development, marketing messaging, sales pitches, and customer success in delivering value. Ultimately, its purpose is to guide customers towards achieving their desired outcomes. 

“In order to achieve desired outcomes, it is crucial to consider the inputs. So, what actions do our customers take to attain these outcomes? This is where the value framework comes into play – identifying the essential steps within Planhat that encompass best practices, templates, guides etc. By leveraging these resources, users can effectively accomplish their desired outcomes, and ultimately grow and retain their customer revenue.”

When creating a value framework, start by assessing the desired outcomes that your customers strive to accomplish. Continuously question and scrutinize these objectives, exploring the underlying reasons for their significance. Furthermore, verify that they are measurable and tangible in nature.

“And this is one of the exciting things that’s happening in customer success now, right? The tougher economy of the last 18-24 months has meant that people are being forced to have much deeper assessment of how they’re driving value for customers. And you gotta make sure that whatever you’re offering, it’s influencing the customer’s P&L in some form or another.”

Listen now to the full conversation with Chris and Anika to learn more about how to deliver customer outcomes through a value framework.

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