Part 2: My customers are churning - what do I do?

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In our last CSM corner, we discussed how to manage churn during turbulent times. Now we dive even deeper into the topic with two experienced experts specifically around managing this process at scale. 

In this session, Mike Thomas, Head of Client Success at Jiminny and Michael Manby, Principal Customer Success Manager at Slack will share their experiences and best practices on managing churn.

Join the session to learn:

  1. How to use data to understand risk/churn in a large portfolio

  2. Best ways to deliver impact in risky scenarios

  3. Why time to value and exit processes are so important

  4. And much more…


Gurprem Sagoo is a Customer Success Manager at Planhat with over 10 years of experience as a CS lead in the SaaS industry, and CSM of the Year 2022 in the Customer Success Excellence awards. He works with global brands and Enterprises, and is an enthusiastic speaker, passionate about Customer Success, Advocacy, and Community. Gurprem is also a part-time musician and an avid record collector.


Mike Thomas is Head of Client Success at Jiminny. Having joined Jiminny two years ago as an SMB Client Success Manager, Mike has experience working with a high volume and depth of customer types. With a range of experience throughout his CV, the common theme across these is customer-centricity, and an eye for detail and data. Having been a chef in a previous life, Mike’s a keen home cook with a penchant for pork belly.

Michael Manby has been in high touch Customer Success at Slack for three years, working with enterprise customers, mainly in tech, retail and energy. He is also involved in a broad range of projects relating to digital success and CS operations. Prior to that he worked in professional services and product in ecommerce tech. Outside of work, playing and watching sport takes up a lot of his time.

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Part 2: My customers are churning - what do I do?

Join our next CSM corner to learn about managing churn at scale.

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My customers are churning - what do I do?

Watch our next CSM corner to learn about managing churn during turbulent times.

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