Customer Success made simple

A beautiful and intuitive tool to

Customer Overview

This is the 360 view of your customer. The one-stop shop for all customer insights. Every conversation you have ever had, the invoice, the usage trends and everything else about your customer you’d ever need.

Revenue Management

Get a quick overview over your future renewals. Forecast cash flow, report salaries or identify accounts at risk. Planhat offers one of the most powerful revenue management platforms for subscription companies.

Health Score

Predict churn and spot up-sell opportunities with a composite customer health score. The score is a transparent and fully customizable. Add dimensions based on your CSMs subjective input or hard facts and data points


Use the industry's most powerful on-boarding module. Report on average on-boarding days for each client segment, get a feel for number of customers with overdue tasks and quickly identify the delayed processes


Reach out to the right customer at the right time with the right message. Create templates for welcome e-mails, renewal messages or other lifecycle check-ins. Prepare campaings and quickly respond to incomings with a standard response.


Dig into the details! Break down churn and up-sell results per CSM, or pull a report showing number of calls or emails each CSM did last month

planhat — bash — 80x10
$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJhbG.qwo22w2.w2iwio2"

{"profile":{"name":"John Andersen","email":""}}"


Enjoy a modern REST API. The Planhat API is easy to use. For most of our customers, getting data into is as simple as making a POST request. Pick you prefered way of connecting and you'll be sending data to Planhat in no time.

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