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Planhat puts all your customer data in one place, helping you understand user behaviour, create best practice workflows and automate time-sapping tasks. Simplify your work and prioritise what matters


Integrate with your other favorite tools

Get one single view of all your customer data. Planhat integrates with the applications you love to use.

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planhat — bash — 80x10
$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJhbG.qwo22w2.w2iwio2"

{"profile":{"name":"John Andersen","email":""}}"


Enjoy a modern REST API

The Planhat API is easy to use. For most of our customers, getting data into is as simple as making a POST request. Pick you prefered way of connecting and you'll be sending data to Planhat in no time.

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More Integrations

We’re continuing to add new integrations to our platform. Get one single view of all your customer data by adding these integrations.

Planhat and GDPR

Read and learn about how we support the GDPR and have worked hard to ensure that you as a customer (and ourselves) are set up to meet the GDPR obligation

New Datacenter

In addition to our infrastructure and storage in the US, we can now offer the same service to our European customers, to ensure compliance with the new Data Directive.