List of Data Subprocessors

Last Modified: January 14, 2022

Planhat Subprocessors

Welcome to Planhat’s subprocessor repository page where we maintain a current list of subprocessors authorized to process customer data for Planhats’s services.

Planhat imposes data protection terms with each subprocessor regarding their security controls and compliance with applicable regulations for the protection of personal data. Where a subprocessor is located outside EU, we ensure that we have adequate transfer mechanisms in place and make an individual assessment of each transfer.

Note that as a customer, you can opt to have data hosted in EU only, US only or a combination.

Infrastructure and Hosting

Entity name Subprocessing activity Entity location Comment
Google, Inc., Google Ireland Ltd., Google Cloud EMEA Ltd. Cloud hosting services, GSuite, Analytics United States, Ireland Customer can choose to have data hosted in EU region only.


Entity name Subprocessing activity Entity location Comment
Clearbit, Inc. Contact Management United States Optional functionality. Enrichment of profiles with publicly available data.
Twilio, Inc. Email Service Provider United States Optional functionality. Used for sending transactional emails through Planhat.


Entity name Subprocessing activity Entity location Comment
Intercom, Inc. Customer Support United States Optional sharing. Intercom will only process customer data if it is shared between customer and Planhat in the support tool.

Group companies

Entity name Subprocessing activity Entity location Comment
Planhat, Inc. Assist in delivery of some or all Services United States Fully owned subsidiary.

Processor disclosure

When processing personal data relating to representatives of our customers, we consider ourselves controller. That means that processors used in relation to this data are not sub-processing any data for which our customers are controllers.

The following companies may process customer representative data, but not data relating to customer’s customers:

Entity name Processing activity Entity location Comment
Slack Technologies Ltd. Collaboration and Communication Ireland (hosting in EU and United States) Optional sharing. Processes customer representative data if customer representative joins a Planhat slack channel.
Hubspot, Inc. Customer and Contact Management United States Processes customer representative data in pre-sales phase.
The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a Mailchimp Marketing, Contact Management United States Used to send notification to customer representatives through Planhat.
Jiminny, Inc. Sales US (EU hosting) Optional use. Used for call analytics when an individual explicitly consents in the call.
Chili Piper, Inc. Sales US Optional use. Used for meeting scheduling when an individual opts to book a meeting through a chili piper link.
Nitro, Inc. Contract signature system United States Optional use. Processes customer representative data of signatory.
Juro Online Ltd. Contract negoatiation and signature system UK Optional use. Processes customer representative data of signatory.
Plivo, Inc. Authentication United States 2 factor authentication used when customer representatives log in.


As our business grows and evolves, the Subprocessors we engage may also change. We will post any changes on this page. For more information or to subscribe to notifications of updates to this list, please email


List of Data Subprocessors, May 11, 2021

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