February 21, 2024

Big thanks to Anika, and a cheerful hello to Malin!

Key takeaways

This podcast episode marks a significant moment as Anika Zubair concludes her hosting tenure on the Customer Success Channel podcast after four remarkable years. While all good things must come to an end, the exciting news is that Malin Skoglund will be stepping in as the new host.

Malin is the VP of Customer Success Americas at Planhat, bringing a wealth of experience as a seasoned executive. With 15 years in B2B SaaS leadership, Malin has overseen teams ranging from 10 to over 100 members, driving revenue in the tens of millions. Her expertise spans various market segments, from SMB to enterprise, and her leadership style is known for its results-driven approach and focus on operational excellence. Originally from Sweden, Malin now calls New York City home with her husband and two daughters.

So, what’s next for the podcast? What can listeners look forward to with Malin as the new host?

“We can expect thought-provoking subjects and guests. The podcast will delve deeper into various businesses and broaden its focus on the business landscape while keeping customer management at the forefront”. 

As we delve into Malin’s introduction in this episode, we also bid farewell to Anika as she embarks on her next adventure. Beyond her role as our podcast host, Anika is a Customer Success Executive Leader with 12 years of experience in building, scaling, and transforming Customer Success organizations within hyper-growth B2B SaaS companies. She is currently serves as the Head of Customer Success at Griffin.

Since launching the podcast, we’ve seen notable developments in Customer Success. What stands out as one of the most significant shifts or transformations you have observed when interacting with our guests? 

“I believe it’s no longer just about the organization; both internally and externally, people are genuinely beginning to grasp the value that customer success brings."

Listen now to the full conversation with Malin and Anika to learn more about the future of this podcast!

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