Bring the cloud down to earth.

Continuously unlock the value your customers need. Planhat is a system of action that empowers you to define and track customer objectives, identify value opportunities, run collaborative cross-functional workflows, and report on ROI.

Industry leaders trust Planhat to grow their revenue

We're built to power FinTech. MarTech. AdTech. EdTech. MedTech. SecTech. Software.

We've spent the last decade working with leading SaaS companies and architecting five foundational building blocks to solve their greatest customer-facing challenges.

Manage Projects

Stay focused on actions, not admin, with a suite of purpose-built, integrated workflows for your entire team.

Task Inbox

A single, ordered list of every task on your plate, as you need to complete it. Run your schedule from a digestible view with all the context you need.


Plan, track and deliver milestone results consistently. Define and deploy best practice task flows built to get your customer from A to B.

Workflow Economics

Stay outcome-focused with embedded progress summaries, custom properties for time-tracking and value delivery, flexible hypothesis testing, and more.

"Planhat's automations have also allowed us to maintain data hygiene and reliability without constant data reviews or manual effort, and Workflows let our CSMs focus on action, not administration, by surfacing customer activities and tasks in a timely, data-driven way"

Shannon Nishi

Director of Customer Success

Optimize Resources

Resource plan effortlessly with a single control center for distributing project loads, calculating ROI and tracking performance.

Dynamic Assignment

Run pooled and scaled approaches effortlessly, with a sophisticated rules-based engine for dynamic assignment of tasks to team members.

Revenue Insights

Access opinionated, revenue-retention focused reporting out of the box. Track your recurring base, renewal rate, bookings, renewals and cash flow automatically.

Performance Monitoring

Set the right incentives by measuring your team the same way you measure your business - on revenue retention. Clearly benchmark your team on one another.

"Increased operational efficiency and process alignment removed the need for an additional full-time CSM monitoring operations, further reducing our operational costs even as we grew our customer base substantially"

Emil Chroona

Chief Growth Officer

Delight Customers

Scale out engaging, best-in-class service experiences. Make every customer in your portfolio feel like your only customer.

Central Inbox

Access every customer-facing conversation from a central, searchable inbox for your entire team. Search, filter, sort, and tag messages in multi-channel threads.


Drive outcomes through strategic, deliberately-paced, and personalised multichannel communications, sent automatically at scale.


Launch an interactive, whitelabelled ecosystem for every customer. Collaborate seamlessly by mirroring tasks, workflows, dashboards, documents and more.

"When we discovered the Customer Portals we knew Planhat was for us: they were exactly what we needed to ensure success collaboratively for both ourselves and our customers."

Alicia Quezada

Customer Success Manager

"The open rate on those emails, because they're coming from the CSM, is 38%. Whereas a typical marketing email would have a 1-2% open rate."

Tracy Shouldice

Director of Customer Success, Trend Micro

Understand your customers

Navigate your data effortlessly with configurable no-code data views that can be applied anywhere, by anyone.

Measure your value

Track your impact on customer objectives to finetune your processes and report on ROI.

Improve your processes

Set internal standards with a library of end-to-end cohorts, workflows and initiation criteria that auto-assign the right task to the right team member, at the right time.

Supercharge your team

Set up highly configurable flows to automate data hygiene, run a custom early warning system, and scale your customer base without scaling headcount.

Unify your ecosystem

Planhat unifies your specialised tech stack into a single, accessible, customer-centric data model.

Create exceptional experiences

We're powering over 2.6 million successful customer relationships.