Set a new standard

Planhat is built for you to offload tasks as you onboard more successful customers. Workflow automation, projects and sequences create focus, set standards and establish routines. Define, deploy and optimise new processes at scale, in a matter of clicks.

Task Inbox
A render representing Planhat's kanban calendar view task inbox.

Full visibility on your task load

Stack your day

A single, ordered list of every task on your plate, as you need to complete it. Run your schedule from a single, digestible view with all the context you need.

Unified task List

All your tasks, in one place. Know what your portfolio needs today, and dive deeper at a glance by clicking through to their profile.

Sorting & filtering

Rank and filter tasks on any property including related workflow, interaction type, status and more.

List & calendar view

Interact with tasks as grouped kanban or in a full timeline view to see what’s coming up next. Customise featured properties and task preview layouts.


Manage statuses, reassign, complete and reprioritise with a single click. Build your own custom statuses and track and report on execution progress.

A render representing dependent steps in a Planhat workflow.

Get an overview of every workflow

Run large collaborative workflows

Plan, track and deliver milestone results consistently. Define and deploy best practice task flows built to get your customer from A to B. Automatically receive the right tasks, for the right customer, at the right time - direct to your inbox - to keep you on target.

Auto-entry & exit

Projects ensure you get customers from A to B as quickly and easily as possible. They begin when your customer is ready, and terminate as soon as the objective has been delivered, so you never waste time on tasks that aren’t driving clear value.

Project properties

Every project and task is built around your needs, with status, owner, start and target date, support for custom properties, rich text, checklists, attachments and more.


Organise steps into well-defined sub-group milestones for structured progress monitoring and reporting.

Step conditions and dependencies

Build complex dependencies and conditions between steps, so previous steps need to be completed a certain number of days before next steps are surfaced, or steps are only surfaced if the related object, parent task or workflow meets relevant criteria.

Owner assignment

Assign steps dynamically to object-related users, like the account owner, technical lead or implementation manager.

Personal notifications

Configure custom notifications and project updates that can be sent as alerts or shared in wider channels, via Slack.

A render illustrating three different sequences in Planhat involving emails, messages and calls for onboarding, upsales and renewal.

Engage end users effortlessly

The modern megaphone

Drive outcomes through strategic, deliberately-paced, and personalised multichannel communications. Automatically send emails, trigger in-app messages and Slack comms directly from an account’s related contact to optimise engagement and adoption.

Sender personalisation

Push automated comms as if they were sent from the account’s owner, technical specialist, implementation manager or other related contact. Drive open and click-through rates through personalisation.


Initiate any sequence as soon as an account or contact meets your eligibility criteria, and terminate it as soon as the desired outcome is delivered.

Step conditions

Combine tasks and automated comms in a flow of step dependencies, delays and conditions. Make them conditional on earlier steps, apply sophisticated criteria based on end user and workflow properties, and implement structured waiting periods.

Replacement codes

Embed any property on any related object into your outbound communications. Insert recipient and company names, signatures, last touched dates, recipient-related context, and more.

Engagement tracking

Monitor open and link-click rates of your outbound comms. Run advanced engagement reporting on your sequenced campaigns through purpose-built widgets on fully custom, shareable dashboards.

Automated Flows
A render representing Planhat's flexible custom automation editor.

Run highly custom if-this, then-that flows

Bury the busywork

Automate anything you can do manually. Implement custom data management practices and automate customer operations at scale. Flows are highly custom actions executed near-instantaneously in the background when triggered.


Trigger flows from any event, regardless of whether it involves object creation, update and deletion, filter match or un-match, or even an incoming Webhook. Define trigger criteria granularly, within a highly configurable form-fill interface.


Execute well-defined tasks when triggered, ranging from creating and updating objects, to notifying object-related users via email and Slack, interacting with an integration, or calling a Webhook.


Limit the scope of automated flows with universal filters, or apply ad-hoc filtering using a configurable form-fill interface.

Best-in-class templating

Choose from over 100 purpose built if-this, then-that complete-the-sentence automation templates.

A render representing Planhat's ability to flag custom signals from time series data.

Moments worthy of your attention

Know when you’re needed

Time spent keeping a watchful eye on your portfolio’s every move is time spent away from the actions that actually deliver value. Instead of sitting on standby for your customer to show signs of change, stay focused on execution and allow Planhat to surface the signals that need your attention, without all the noise.

Fully configurable

Combine and transform data into meaningful Slack or email signals via a flexible form-fill editor or by deploying one of 100+ best practice complete-the-sentence notification templates.


Proactively address the situation with instantaneous alerts when any signal is emitted.


Use an out-of-the-box rules engine to flag unpredictable deviations from long-term trends.

Dynamic Assignment
A render representing Planhat's dynamic task assignment capabilities.

Pass the tasks around

Distribute the delivery

Run a pooled model effortlessly, with a sophisticated rules-based engine for dynamic assignment of tasks to team members.

Deeply custom

Assign a newly created task to a user in a certain team via a certain field. Configure detailed filter conditions that relevant tasks, companies and users must match.


Implement dynamic assignment end-to-end, via a highly configurable complete-the-sentence interface.


Access full logs on automatic assignment events, linking directly to relevant tasks and users with clearly structured context.

Start delivering results, not promises

See why Planhat is the tool of choice for the world’s most customer-centric businesses.