September 22, 2022

G2 Fall Report 2022: Planhat helps grow your revenue

G2 Fall Report 2022: Planhat helps grow your revenue

G2 Fall Report 2022: Planhat helps grow your revenue

G2 Fall Report 2022: Planhat helps grow your revenue

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

Recurring revenue is becoming ever more important – especially now during the fall of 2022.

With a few exceptional exceptions, tech valuations have been slashed, and businesses have gone from trying to find the very best available talent at any cost possible, to handling lay-offs.

It’s a whirlwind of macroeconomic circumstances and unpredictable political shifts affecting markets all over the globe. And an effect of this has been many companies deciding to take a careful step back – instead of lunging forward.

All of a sudden, making the most of what you already have is becoming more important than trying to catch onto what you don’t have.

It’s a big shake-up for the legacy CRMs built for handling new sales opportunities – but far from a surprise for the Customer Success industry and the builders of modern customer platforms.

We have said it before, and we will say it again:

"As the world is moving to subscription-based revenue models, sales turns continuous, and NRR is becoming increasingly important for generating sustainable growth at scale. NRR, i.e., retaining and growing customers, comes from your ability to make customers successful with your product or service."

Therefore, at Planhat we take pride in excelling across all parts of your customer's journey. And your reviews, when presented in the recently released G2 Fall Report 2022, tell us that you appreciate what we do:

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Data Platform”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Success Software”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Client Onboarding Software”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Revenue Optimization”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Subscription Revenue Management”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Client Portal”

Grow your revenue with Planhat

We all know that every step of a customer’s journey is equally important. If initial data integrations don’t work well, then there will be no happy onboarding of your customers. Meaning that everything that comes after – health scores, customer experience, and renewals – is standing on shaky ground.

But in an economic downturn, being able to retain your customers isn’t enough. When the inflow of new customers ebbs away your company's growth must come from your existing customers.

That’s why a Customer Platform that has the features to not only keep existing customers happy but also to ensure growth makes a BIG difference.

Therefore we at Planhat are proud that the reviews our customers have given us in the 2022 G2 Fall Report have resulted in Leader-badges in two very revenue focused-categories:

Customer Revenue Optimization and Subscription Revenue Management

Let’s have a look at what this means, and some of the features Planhat has that help companies grow their revenue from existing clients.

Planhat and Customer Revenue Optimization

Customer revenue optimization (CRO) software helps sales organizations increase revenue from key accounts by aligning with other customer-facing functions, such as marketing and customer service, to become an extended revenue team (G2's definition).

How Planhat helps you optimize revenue from key accounts:

  • Make seamless post-sale handoffs: Planhat helps you create a seamless customer experience by getting customers, sales reps, sales engineers, CSMs, support reps, and technical implementation teams on the same page with a 360 customer view, a common action plan, a central collaboration portal, and real-time sync to all connected systems.

  • Share customers' insights with a full 360 view: By providing a 360 view of your customer, Planhat acts as a one-stop shop for all your customer insights. All conversations, usage trends, subscription dates, health scores, user data, billing details, and everything you need to know about a customer are presented to everyone in a single and customizable place.

  • Enable true team selling: Planhat provides a cross-functional 360 view of your accounts that includes every customer engagement, including customer success playbooks, support tickets, marketing touches, product usage, and more. This way, sales are aligned with other departments and get the help they need to close more business.

James Brown, Operations Director at Journey, praises Planhat's UX and ability to ensure a 360 view of their customers:

“ A super flexible platform that can be tailored to your needs. Having full visibility of all of our clients, their health and the revenue generated by them is helping improve our end services and goals.”

Planhat and Subscription Revenue Management

Companies use subscription revenue management software to track sales for subscription-based products and services (e.g. SaaS). This type of software helps companies identify which subscription plans bring the most revenue and what factors make customers stay or leave (G2's definition).

How Planhat helps you manage your subscription revenues:

  • Increase revenue: Planhat helps sales reps apply a data-driven approach to account management based on a deep understanding of long-term customer needs and a proactive approach based on short-term customer events. This way, it’s easier than ever to uncover and close more upsell opportunities.

  • Reporting for subscription businesses: Using Planhat, finance teams can follow all subscription metrics, such as gross churn and net retention, slice data by cohort, view development over time, forecast churn and expansion, and see the health of your future renewal base.

  • Understand usage data: Planhat enables you to see when customers reach their subscription limits with product usage data. This helps you develop a data-driven account management process with Planhat to uncover every upsell opportunity, and also to discover patterns in your customer base to find repeatable revenue.

  • Drive customer expansion: By building a custom expansion pipeline in Planhat you are automatically alerted when customers show expansion-ready behavior. You can also include your expansion pipeline in your revenue forecasting and model different probabilities of close rates.

Howard Rees, Chief Commercial Officer at Macrobond, uses Planhat to, among many other things, understand usage data and identify upsell opportunities:

“With Planhat I’m able to see how different types of users use our product. We can target new features and new data sets and help our users unlock more value by showing them how other, similar users do.”

Planhat… Powering Customer Growth

The G2 Fall Report tells us that Planhat is on the right track, powering your customers growth with our combination of data-driven customer insights, smart automations and user-friendly UI.

Because regardless of the state of the economy, the one who knows the most about their customers, and knows how to make them grow, will stand out as a winner.

If you are interested in learning more how Planhat can help you grow your business, sign up for a demo today.

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

Jonas Terning

Editor, Planhat

Jonas has over a decade of experience in marketing and media. Prior to Planhat, he ran the leading Stockholm-based communications agency, Make Your Mark, and was Editor in Chief of Aller Media, where he digitised and scaled one of Sweden's most notable lifestyle and media brands, Café.